Arena Clear Bag Policy


Our arena has transitioned into a cash-free facility. All mobile payments, credit and debit cards are accepted at our box office, concessions, merchandise stands and bars.

Multiple Cash-2-Card machines are on site that function as reverse ATMs, providing a debit card for the amount of cash inserted. There are no fees associated with utilizing these machines.

What’s allowed into CHI Health Center Omaha?
Clear, uncolored plastic tote-bags will be permitted, or guests may use a one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc or similar). Additionally, guests may also bring opaque small or clutch-sized purses/wallets will be allowed, not exceeding 4.5 inches tall by 6.5 inches long, after proper security screening, continuing the policy started this summer for arena events. Only one bag is allowed per ticket holder.
Prohibited Items:

1. Any type of weapon, fake weapon, or object resembling a weapon. This includes but is not limited to handguns, rifles, knives, straight edge razors, brass knuckles, swords, dangerous ordinance, Tasers, chains, and all other categories of weapons, whether such items are real or replica weapons. This includes permit holders possessing or carrying lawfully concealed weapons in or around the facility. Weapons cannot be checked into Security or Guest Services.

2. Alcohol / Drugs / Illegal Substances / Vaporizing Pens / No Smoking / No E-cigs / MECA Omaha operates as a smoke free facility

3. Professional Cameras / Cameras With Lenses Greater Than 3” / Detachable Lenses / Tripods / Monopods / Selfie Sticks (Rules for photography and use of recording devices differ with each event and are determined at the discretion of show production. Individuals seeking more information about an event’s camera policy are encouraged to contact CHI Health Center Omaha in advance.)

4. Audio Recording / Video Recording

5. Laser Pointing Devices / Glow Sticks

6. Drones in any area of MECA’s campus

7. Hover Boards / Heely / Skateboards / Rollerblades

8. Noise making devices of any kind / Bells / Whistles / Air Horns

9. Large Umbrellas / Golf Umbrellas

10. Beach Balls / Bubbles / Footballs / Frisbees / Balloons / Fireworks / Pyrotechnics / Confetti / Glitter / Aerosols

11. Signs / Banners

12. Costume masks should not be worn at any time inside MECA’s facilities

13. Outside Food / Beverage
• 20 oz. or smaller empty clear plastic bottles will be allowed for water

14. Bicycles / Helmets / Chairs

15. Abusive / Foul Language / Disruptive Language / Obscene Clothing / Indecent Clothing

16. Animals / Except Service Animals

17. No operation or use of aerial items or inflatables to include (but not limited to) items such as drones or any airborne devices, whether manned or unmanned, on MECA’s campus and/or within MECA managed parking lots.

18. Any item deemed to compromise public safety

Can I place my oversized purse inside my clear plastic bag and still gain entrance?
No. Only opaque bags measuring 4.5 inches tall by 6.5 inches long or smaller will be permitted after proper search. Everything else must be easily visible within the clear plastic bag upon entering the security line.
What if I accidentally bring a bag or item that is not permitted?
In the event a patron arrives with an unapproved bag, they will be asked to return it to their vehicle or dispose of it at their discretion. CHI Health Center staff members are not permitted to hold or store bags on the premises.
What if I carry medical items that will not fit into a clear plastic bag?
MECA staff-members are happy to make special accommodations for bags with medical necessity. However, each bag will need to be properly searched and tagged by security before entrance.
Does my diaper bag also need to be clear plastic?
Yes. However, the hope is that by offering admittance to larger-sized, clear tote bags that families will have minimal inconvenience. Reminder: one bag is allowed per ticket-holder.
How do I get through the security line quicker?
Arrive early. Doors for events at CHI Health Center Omaha typically open 90-minutes to an hour prior to an event. Please check our social media pages for the confirmed door times as they may vary by event. For the safety of our guests, we require all concert attendees to enter the building through metal detectors. We suggest arriving early – an influx of latecomers can create long lines and slow down the entry process, especially close to show time.