Booking Policies and Procedures

It is the responsibility of the Metropolitan Entertainment & Convention Authority (MECA) to operate the facility in a sound business manner in an effort to maximize both social and economic benefit to the community, and financial stability of the facility. MECA will promote, solicit, develop, and make reservations for any activity deemed appropriate to CHI Health Center Omaha’s objectives, and to qualify all activities requesting utilization of the facility. All specific policies, procedures, rules and regulations will be conditioned on, and subject to, these overriding considerations. MECA reserves the right to add to, modify, delete, or otherwise change these policies and procedures from time to time. Such changes will become effective immediately upon their adoption by the MECA Board of Directors. MECA will make these updated policies and procedures reasonably available and accessible. Licensees may obtain updated versions, upon request, at any time.
Convention Center Specifications
  • Total Building Space: 481,235 sq. ft.
  • Exhibit Center Space: 194,300 sq. ft. divisible into 3 halls / 47,300 sq. ft. in adjoining marshalling area
  • Meeting Room Space: 32,700 sq. ft. total of 16 rooms
  • Ballroom Space 30,500 sq. ft. divisible into 3 rooms
  • Pre-function Space: 36,900 sq. ft. outside exhibit halls / 42,500 sq. ft. outside meeting rooms
  • Outdoor Terrace: 9,000 sq. ft.
  • Loading docks: 23 with 4 load levelers / (1 – 60,000 lbs; 3 – 45,000 lbs)
  • Drive-up ramps: 3 – 1 for each exhibit hall section
  • Overhead doors: 3 – (1 – 20’w x 16’h; 2 – 12’w x 16’h)
  • Loading Dock Elevators: Freight: 12,000 lbs capacity; Doorway / Dimensions: 10’w x 8’h; Inside Dimensions:
    10’w x 20’d x 8’h / Service: 5,000 lbs capacity; Doorway / Dimensions: 4’w x 8’h; Inside Dimensions: 5.5’w x 8.5’d x 9’h
  • Show manager office(s)
  • Permanent concessions in Exhibit Area
  • Parking: Just over 5,000 on-site parking spaces
First scheduling priority is given to conventions, tradeshows, corporate meetings and similar activities that use a minimum of 1,500 room nights during the event, and that are not normally open to the general public.
Second scheduling priority is given to conventions, tradeshows, consumer or public exhibitions, banquets, and corporate meetings using more than 100,000 square feet and less than 1,500 room nights. Second priority also will be given to events that book either the ballroom plus a minimum of 48,000 square feet of exhibit space, or the ballroom when accommodating a minimum of a 600 person banquet function.

Third scheduling priority is given to smaller consumer or public exhibitions, local corporate meetings, special events, and other activities that primarily draw from or appeal to the general public and/or local attendees.

Scheduling for second priority events will not be confirmed more than 18 months in advance; third priority events will not be confirmed more than 12 months in advance. Both second and third priority events are subject to change to accommodate first priority events unless a License Agreement has already been executed by MECA.

Reservation Procedures
In the process of scheduling facilities and dates, the following terms shall always apply to scheduling commitments:

Tentative: Facilities and space on requested dates will be held tentative pending notification to the contrary by either party until the event falls within the appropriate Licensing priority. When a tentative commitment is released by MECA, the requesting party will be promptly notified that the facilities and/or dates have been released.

Firm: Facilities and space on requested dates are considered Firm only upon mutual execution of a License Agreement by the event sponsor and MECA specifying all details of the commitment.

First Option: Facilities and dates reserved on first option are reserved tentatively, but a conflicting commitment for the facilities and dates generally will not be made in favor of a second requesting party within the same scheduling priority without first offering the party holding a first option an opportunity to either execute a License Agreement or release its reservation.

Second Option: Facilities and dates will be reserved tentatively, but the tentative reservation will be contingent upon release of a prior reservation which is considered first option.

Event Spacing
Event spacing shall apply to events that have twenty percent (20%) or more like exhibitors, as determined by MECA; are charging an admission to gain entry to the show, and/or are open to the general public rather than being limited to a well defined class of persons who normally belong to a trade or professional association.

Similar shows renting the entire ballroom or more than 30,000 gross square feet of exhibit hall space, and which are actively competing for specialized and specific local markets, shall maintain the following clearance periods prior to the first show day and following the last show day of booked events:

  • 30 Days: Public/Consumer shows; i.e., boat shows, RV shows, home shows, car shows, sportsmen shows, nursery/garden shows, business/office/computer shows, etc.
  • 30 Days: Hobby/arts and crafts; i.e., antique shows, food shows, collectibles, auctions, bridal shows, career fairs, etc.
  • Events not falling into any of these event categories will be spaced at the discretion of MECA. In general, such spacing considerations do not apply to first option activities.
License Agreement
When converting tentatively reserved space to Firm status, a License Agreement must be signed by a legally authorized person representing the user and returned to MECA by the date indicated. Upon customer signature and return of License Agreement by MECA, user agrees to pay all sums due on or before established due dates stated on the License Agreement. Failure to comply with above terms will subject the date/event to change or cancellation by MECA.
Base Rental Services / Facilities Includes
  • Registration space and event/show offices at location(s) designated at the sole discretion of MECA and based on available inventory.
  • House lighting, ventilation, heat or air conditioning, as appropriate during the event (exclusive of move-in/move-out days; a fee is charged for air conditioning and/or heat for move-in/move-out days, if requested by user).
  • Housekeeping service in Exhibit Halls for non-carpeted aisles, noncarpeted open spaces, and rest rooms during the event and cleaning of the same areas once daily during non-show hours.
  • Housekeeping service in Meeting Rooms for aisles and prefunction; any refreshing of meeting space and set-ups as outlined by your service order, and restrooms during the event as needed.
  • One paging microphone per licensed area in Exhibit Hall.
  • One complimentary microphone per licensed meeting area.
  • Labor and equipment such as tables, chairs, tabletop or freestanding podium and coat racks for the initial setup of meeting room space on the meeting room level, based upon inventory.
  • Sufficient stage risers, based upon available inventory.
  • Head table skirting based on available inventory.
  • One (1) 40-cubic yard trash container per hall event.
Base Rental Does Not Include
  • Event Security Service.
  • Event medical/first aid service.
  • Drayage and placement of display equipment.
  • Tables, chairs, stage risers, podiums, coat racks or headtable(s) for non-catered events in the Exhibit Hall areas.
  • Decoration and related services.
  • Labor charges for MECA event personnel such as stagehands, ticket sellers and takers, ushers and doormen, equipment operators and other event personnel needed to stage your event.
  • Storage of any exhibit/event related materials.
  • Special lighting.
  • Electrical power.
  • Water supply.
  • Compressed air.
  • Natural gas.
  • Communications services, such as telephone, fax or data transmissions.
  • Fire Marshal – If the local Fire Marshal determines that a member of the Fire Marshal’s staff must be present at a licensed event in accordance
  • with the Nebraska State Fire Code, then Licensee shall reimburse MECA for the cost of such Fire Marshal staff member, at the applicable rate.
  • Cleaning of carpet and the placement and emptying of trash cans in exhibit booths.
  • Parking – Pre-sold exhibitor parking is available at a 25% discount per day for exhibitors’ use only. Exhibitor parking passes will be issued and allow for unrestricted in and out privileges per day. Exhibitor parking will be limited to Lot D and subject to availability as determined by MECA.
  • Display tables and equipment used in exhibit booths.
  • Housekeeping services required beyond item 1.7 – c and d.
  • Labor and equipment to reset the room beyond item 1.7 – g.
Deposit Schedules
Deposits are required for all activities upon execution of a formal License Agreement

  • Consumer Shows* (e.g. ticketed box office events)
    On signing 25% of rental
    Upon Settlement Balance of rent due + expenses
  • Tradeshow Exhibitions* (non-ticketed events)
    On signing 25% of rental
    7 days prior to event Balance of rent + estimated expenses due
  • *For Annual Consumer and Tradeshow events, a deposit will be required not more than twelve months prior to the subsequent year’s event.
  • Citywide Conventions:
    On signing 25% of rental
    7 days prior to event 100% rent + estimated expenses due
  • Food & Beverage Only Events:
    On signing 25% of rental
    7 days prior to event Balance of rent + estimated expenses due
  • Meetings where rental value is less than $1,000.00:
    On signing 100% of rental
    7 days prior to event Balance of rent + estimated expenses due
  • Meetings where rental value is more than $1,000.00:
    On signing 25% of rental
    7 days prior to event Balance of rent + estimated expenses due

First-time events, events with inadequate references, or events with no prior documented event history, may be required to remit up to one hundred percent (100%) of anticipated rental, plus a contingency fee to cover event related costs at the discretion of MECA.

Events and circumstances not covered in the above deposit policies may be subject to special conditions as deemed appropriate by MECA.